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About us

CleanQuote is a cloud based system designed for the Dry Bulk Industry when in need of Hold Cleaning Chemicals.

We wish to simplify the purchase process with an easy-to-use platform, always with a clear focus on cost and time optimization.

We strive to ensure that all cleaning agents purchased via CleanQuote platform are in accordance with Marpol Annex V, Marpol Annex III and IMO Resolution MEPC (63).

We cooperate with a few carefully selected partners, who share our view and thereby continuously aim at being environmentally friendly & responsible.

Our vision

Whilst creating transparency and streamlining the purchase process, CleanQuote is also developed with an aim to ease the daily workload for both operators and vessel managers. Furthermore we wish to contribute with a "greener" solution to the maritime industry, providing a worldwide solution in line with IMO guidelines and thereby avoiding dubious chemicals.

How we work

We offer you a reliable system, with a clear overview of best listed and worldwide active suppliers in the most frequently called ports. We move quickly with a clear deadline, providing you with the best solutions to a specific request. All quotes, offers and orders are accessible in our system, making it easy to view already purchased and current ROB supplies on a specific vessel. The system is adjustable to your company's requirement, making it easy to always see offers from your favorite suppliers, whilst receiving a clear view of markets levels at any given port.

How it works


Once you have signed up with CleanQuote, you will be given full access to the system 24/7/365. Your account will be active and managed under your company's account, but with your own personal username and password. You can submit RFQ's on deliveries from more 41 countries and 700 ports. The ports have been selected among the most frequently called ports within the Handy to Post Panamax segment.

Request for Quotes

Once logged in as a User, you can easily submit an RFQ to all suppliers active in any selected port. With only a few details to be entered , the RFQ can be sent within minutes. All approved suppliers will automatically receive the opportunity to provide their best offer to your request directly in the system.

Select best Offer

Within 24 hours from submitting your RFQ, you will receive an email with all the best offers that meet your specific request.
As a user, it is now your privilege to approve or reject the offers. Once approved, an offer confirmation will be sent directly to you and the preferred supplier. Henceforward, all communication re. the order will be between yourself and the supplier of your choice.

Job done

Once an offer is accepted by the user, the process is completed. All subsequent communication in connection with delivery, will be direct between User and Supplier to ensure smooth delivery. All information and data related to a specific RFQ will remain accessible in the system.

Adding Value

At CleanQuote, we believe Operators should spend their time where they create value. It is our aim to give You more time by optimizing the process of purchasing cleaning products. In the process, we make sure you get better prices by shaking more trees in one simple & environmentally friendly solution. A win-win for you!

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We will be more than happy to answer any question you may have. Please feel free to contact us today for a talk. Our contact details are given below.