Connecting operators with vetted vessel cleaning suppliers

CleanQuote is the world’s only vessel cleaning platform connecting vessel operators or owners with vetted suppliers of quality cleaning supplies and cleaning crews in more than 1000 ports globally. Use our platform to make vessel cleaning operations easier and less costly.

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CQ Operator gives you full inventory overview over your entire fleet

A new premium tool kit in the CleanQuote application, giving you full inventory overview of your entire fleet. Save time and money by keeping track of cleaning supplies, set up minimum stock and use data to compare spend and time used per vessel.

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New service: Tank Cleaning

Ordering supplies for tank cleaning just got easier with CleanQuote. Request quotes from thousands of suppliers world-wide in just minutes and enjoy a more optimized cleaning supply chain.

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Easy access to hold cleaning suppliers and cleaning gangs

Convenient and optimized purchasing process to support any hold cleaning challenge.

Get easy access to the most relevant suppliers in just a few clicks. CleanQuote gathers the best-in-class hold cleaning suppliers in an easy-to-use platform for your convenience.

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“The platform saves us both costs and time”

By using CleanQuote, we discovered new suppliers that we previously didn’t know, and who have proven to be very competitive on price. The platform saves us both costs and time otherwise spent on manually contacting suppliers.

Anders Damgaard
Senior Operations Manager
Ultrabulk A/S

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“From a time-consuming task to a 5-minute routine”

The team behind CleanQuote is aware of the importance of the cleaning task. They know how we work in operations and understand the process in depth. The platform has transformed a former time-consuming manual task to a fast 5-minute routine.

Martin Broe Andersen
Head of Operations
Navision Shipping A/S

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