Cleaning gangs

Request and book a full-service cleaning task directly via the CleanQuote platform.
Fill in the details, dispatch the request and receive quotes from the best-in-class suppliers in your port of choice. Accept and go!

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Full service cleaning gangs

Make a request for cleaning gangs (in port & en route) via the CleanQuote platform:

  • Request any service (full or partly cleaning)
  • Communicate with the supplier
  • Keep track of historical data on the CleanQuote platform

It’s easy, fast, and reliable, and it covers the best-in-class suppliers, in your port, in one request.

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Fast and easy to request a quote

Based on best practices from renowned and international cleaning gang suppliers, all information needed to be shared between you and the suppliers is ready-made and easy to fill in when creating a cleaning gang request on the platform.

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What we need to know

A request for cleaning gangs might look a bit overwhelming at first sight. That’s to ensure the sufficient information to provide you with the exact kind of cleaning service that you are requesting. However, the good news is that only a few are required fields.

All we need to know is:

  • Request type and vessel name
  • Country and port
  • ETA and ETC
  • Currency
  • Request time
  • Description of service required
  • Last four types of cargo/cleaning performed

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All suppliers in just one click

Once you have filled in your request, you can send it to all the best suppliers in your area or port of choice – with just one click. The request including all necessary information can be downloaded at your end afterwards if you wish to cover or forward the same request to third parties as well. In other words: No time loss entering data twice.

What our customers say…

“CleanQuote is a great platform. All we need to do is to enter our inquiry. We can enter for what cargo we need the chemicals, and what the previous cargo was, and then we just put in our request and the quotation comes up when the suppliers have had a chance to review the request. Depending on which offers we get, we choose the most suitable offer.”

Amit Rahul
Head of Operations, Western Bulk

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What our customers say…

“We would definitely recommend CleanQuote. The entire process has become easier. We have access to suppliers in one place, and the purchasing process has become more efficient without loss of personal contact”.

Anders Damgaard
Senior Operations Manager, Ultrabulk A/S

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