Benefits for hold cleaning suppliers

Easy access to new customers

CleanQuote is a platform that gives ship operators and vessel managers the possibility to easily request quotes from the connected hold cleaning suppliers.

The connected suppliers now have 24 hours to upload a quote for the potential customer who selects the supplier that suits their needs the best.

Free profile on the platform

It is free of charge to set up a profile on the CleanQuote platform for both shipping operators and hold cleaning suppliers.

Once a customer selects your service, you pay 2.5% of the sale in commission to CleanQuote.

All your customer data in one place

When using the platform, all your historical customer data will be consolidated in the CleanQuote platform, making it easy for you to get an overview and review your data.

The benefits in short:

  • Get access to new customers
  • Be a part of an important sales and marketing platform
  • Gather and review your historical customer data consolidated at CleanQuote

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