How it works

Easy and simple to use. Create and send a new request in less than 2 minutes.


Post your request for any hold cleaning need. You’re done in less than 2 minutes!


Get quotes from all active suppliers – always within leadtime


Choose your best match – no obligations

Request for quotes

Once logged in as a user, you can easily submit a request for quote (RFQ) to all suppliers in any selected port. With only a few details to be entered, the request can be sent within minutes. All approved suppliers will automatically receive the opportunity to provide their best offer to your request directly in the system.

Select the best offer

Within 24 hours from submitting your RFQ, you will receive an email with the three offers that best meet your specific request. The three best offers will be selected based on your requirements by CleanQuote for you to approve.

Approve and go!

As a user, it is now your privilege to approve or reject the offers. Once approved, an offer confirmation will be sent directly to you and the preferred supplier. Henceforward, all communication regarding the order will be between you and the supplier of your choice.

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Job done

Once an offer is accepted by the user, the process is completed. All subsequent communication related to the delivery will stay between user and supplier directly to ensure a smooth delivery. All information and data related to a specific RFQ will remain accessible in the system.

Photo from an actual delivery of hold cleaning supplies in the port of Aalborg.

Get insights into your data

When you use the CleanQuote platform, you get an easy technical overview of accumulated data sharing (Sharing of PDF, MSDS, LEADTIME, COSTS etc.)

We have developed a data sharing tool named Insights, where you get an oerview of previous deliveries, vessels, ports, suppliers and much more.

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