Maritime Software Company Launches New Features to Aid Hectic Carrier Market

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Maritime Software Company Launches New Features to Aid Hectic Carrier Market

Maritime Software Company Launches New Features to Aid Hectic Carrier Market

Increasing pressure on the freight market has placed new demands on the global carrier industry. To help tackle the challenges, maritime software company CleanQuote now strengthens its innovative platform with new features, making it easier to request quotes and find cleaning suppliers globally.

With the ambition to disrupt the global dry bulk market, maritime software company CleanQuote launched a new digital platform in 2018 that automates the process of requesting quotes and finding relevant, certified hold cleaning, tank cleaning chemicals and shore cleaning suppliers globally.

In 2020, the incubator company GateHouse Igniter invested in the software startup and since then, the demand has skyrocketed. Today, CleanQuote has doubled its customer database which has led the company to launch new value-adding features in order to strengthen the platform:

 Global carrier operators are currently under immense pressure which we respond to by making it easier to request cleaning operations and thereby save both time and resources while avoiding costly mistakes and delays. Among other things, we have launched our most recent feature on the platform which makes it possible to request full-service cleaning gang tasks and also cleaning chemicals for cargo tanks from leading suppliers, says co-founder and CPO of CleanQuote, Lasse Ekdahl.

Chaotic freight market leads to increasing demand

As a result of the hectic activity on the global freight market, the carrier industry has also been affected. Increasing commodity prices has led to a boom in freight rates and as a result, more operators have looked toward optimization of cleaning operations as a means of making the supply chain more efficient.

The situation has led CleanQuote to work intensively on increasing the port coverage on their platform:

– It is no secret that time is money in our industry, and the current market situation has not changed that. Quite the contrary, efficiency in the supply chain has never been more important than right now. Therefore, we are satisfied to have added five times as many suppliers to the platform compared to last year, says Lasse Ekdahl who adds:

– This means that we are aligned with our ambition of covering all logistical hotspots in the global ocean supply chain which makes it possible for our customers to always be able to request and receive offers from the most relevant suppliers around the globe.

Dry bulk operators use innovative platform to optimize

Over the last year, CleanQuote has doubled the number of users on the platform – and today, dry bulk and tanker operators from all around the world use CleanQuote’s services.

Among the users is leading dry bulk operator Western Bulk. For Western Bulk, the platform has not only meant cost savings – it has also optimized operations by reducing waiting time:

– On a single order, we save about one to two days. Sometimes, the order can be finalized within the same day that we have entered the quote into the platform. To be able to save up to two days on each concluded order is very valuable to us. The best part is that all suppliers are gathered in one place. This makes it fast and easy for us to get what we need, explains Head of Operations at Western Bulk in Singapore, Amit Rahul.

CleanQuote launched its Cleaning Gang feature in September, chemical tank cleaning in November and expects to launch new features covering anti-piracy, guards, and underwater cleaning.