Reliable and relevant suppliers

Use the CleanQuote platform to gain access to the most relevant suppliers to cover all your cleaning needs.

Approved and trusted

At CleanQuote, we understand the importance of using only the highest quality chemicals. This is why we provide a list of recommended and approved suppliers, to ensure that what you receive is always up to a global standard. Find a wide range of high-quality chemicals and IMO Annex V compliant cleaning products gathered on our platform.

World-wide access

Convenience is key when planning your cleaning supply chain. With an increasing list of thousands of active suppliers all over the world, we can ensure that you receive fresh chemicals delivered to you at your preferred location.

“We would definitely recommend CleanQuote. The entire process has become easier. We have access to suppliers in one place, and the purchasing process has become more efficient without loss of personal contact”.

Anders Damgaard,
Senior Operations Manager
Ultrabulk A/S

We only work with best-in-class suppliers